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Data Products Overview

LANDFIRE (LF) delivers vegetation, fuel, disturbance, and fire regimes geospatial data products for the entire nation. Methods are based on peer-reviewed science from multiple fields. LF products are consistent, comprehensive, and standardized, resulting in multiple applications to fire, fuel, and natural resources.

LF delivers 20+ products and many versions of these products. The descriptions allow for ease of comparison between products.
The Version Table shows data availability and links to data mosaics.

Data Products DescriptionsPDF

Data Products Descriptions with ReferencesPDF

Data Products Version Table

This section provides several links on appropriate application and how to use LF products.


Scale and Use of LANDFIRE DataPDF

Conservation Gateway (FAQs, Tutorial, Guides)New Window

How do I cite LANDFIRE Data Products

LF Data Users

LF provides several data access points to account for users' various needs. For example, users can download the entire layer as a mosaic, or select an area of interest in the Data Distribution Site (DDS).

LF Mosaics Available

Data Distribution Site (DDS)

LF Data Access Tool (LFDAT)

Web Service Calls (WCS)

ArgGIS Online - LF_USGS (view data only)New Window

LF is on a biennial update schedule. Learn about each version.

LF 2015 Remap [base map]
LF 2014 [update]
LF 2012 [update]
LF 2010 [update]
LF 2008 [update]
LF 2001 [revision]
LF c2001 [base map]