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Examples of LANDFIRE (LF) data being used across the country:

The following links describe LF applications. While not a comprehensive list, it highlights LF data use from a variety of contexts. Additionally, summarized maps showing some of the LANDFIRE data are available to view and download.

The Conservation Gateway [Applications] Leaving current Site offers additional options to learn about LF data use.


Beyond Fuel Treatment Effectiveness: Characterizing Interactions between Fire and Treatments in the US [Journal article] PDF
GIS/Baseline Data Processing for IL Fire Needs Assessment [Project Report] New Window
Southern Appalachian Vitality Index [Application Summary] New Window


A new approach to evaluate forest structure restoration needs across Oregon and Washington, USA [Journal Article]New Window
Aboveground live carbon stock changes of California wildland ecosystems, 2001-2010 [Journal Article] PDF


A remote sensing protocol for identifying rangelands with degraded productive capacity [Journal Article]New Window
Quantifying restoration effectiveness using multi-scale habitat models: implications for sage-grouse in the Great Basin [Journal Article]New Window
Reforestation as a novel abatement and compliance measure for ground-level ozone [Journal Article]New Window
Wildfire exposure and fuel management on western US national forests [Journal Article]New Window


Analyzing wildfire exposure and source-sink relationships on a fire prone forest landscape [Journal Article]New Window
Wildfire hazard mapping: exploring site conditions in eastern US wildland-urban interface [Journal Article]New Window
Wildland fire emissions, carbon and climate: Characterizing wildland fuels [Journal Article]New Window
Wildland firefighter entrapment avoidance: modeling evacuation triggers [Journal Article]New Window


A Decision Support System for Monitoring, Reporting, and Forecasting Ecological Conditions of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail [Application Summary]PDF
Aircraft Analysis using LANDFIRE data in the Western United States [Application Summary]PDF
Modeling Alternative Scenarios of Land Cover Change and Conservation Outcomes in the Forest of the Northern Great Lakes Region Using LANDFIRE Data Products [Application Summary]PDF


Tools for Landscape Planning & Management [Project Report]PDF
Use of LANDFIRE Data in Bee Pollination Study [Application Summary]PDF
Wildland Fire Management Plan and Critical Habitat Risk Analysis for the Hawaiian Volcano, Mauna Kea [Application Summary]PDF


LANDFIRE 2008 data in the Cowychee Mountain Community Wildfire Protection Plan, Yakima, Washington - Making Risk Assessments User-Friendly [Application Summary]PDF


Use of LANDFIRE in Sage-Grouse Habitat Analysis: Western North America - 2007 - 2009 [Application Summary]PDF
BLM - Bodie Hills Conservation Action Planning [Application Summary]PDF
Project Summary: Supporting Fire and Land Management Across the Nation [Project Report]PDF


Upper Fraser Valley CWPP and LANDFIRE data: Northern Colorado [Application Summary]PDF
Use of LANDFIRE Data in Wildland Fire Risk Assessment and Multi-Year Fuels Program Planning for Bureau of Indian Affairs, Spokane Agency, & Spokane Tribe [Application Summary]PDF


Data Comparison and Sensitivity Analysis in Yellowstone National Park [Application Summary]PDF
Use of LANDFIRE Data in Bighorn Sheep Viability Analysis: Payette National Forest Area [Application Summary]PDF
Use of LANDFIRE Data Products on Fire Incidents in 2007 [Application Summary]PDF
Vegetation Dynamics Models & VCC to Support Ecological Assessments [Application Summary]PDF
Yellowstone Central Plateau Fire Behavior Assessment using LANDFIRE data products [Application Summary]PDF


Modeling Grizzly Bear Density using LANDFIRE Data: NW Montana [Application Summary]PDF
Use of LANDFIRE Data in Wildland Fire Risk Assessment: Ashley Lakes Fire [Application Summary]PDF
Use of LANDFIRE data in fuels program prioritization and planning: Signal Peak Assessment [Application Summary]PDF


Use of LANDFIRE Data in Wildland Fire Incident Management: Dammeron & Valley Road Fires [Application Summary]PDF

Summarized maps showing some of the data available by theme and geographic area are available for download in jpg and pdf formats. These images may be helpful to quickly download and insert into reports or papers. Learn how to cite LF material.