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Flow Diagram

The surface and canopy fuels layers are representative of the particular type of disturbance experienced by herbaceous, shrub and tree lifeforms along with regrowth to the year indicated (usually the year released).

LANDFIRE (LF) fuel products describe the composition and characteristics of surface and canopy fuel and:

  • provide consistent fuel information to support fire planning, analysis, and budgeting to evaluate fire management alternatives
  • supplement strategic and tactical planning for fire operations


LF uses two indexes of Modeling Dynamic Fuels with an Index System (MoD-FIS) to account for fuel's seasonal variability which represent current, real-time conditions.

Supports operations and firefighting. 

A service that provides a multi-band raster format.

Standalone fuel rulesets database. LFTFC tool to edit LF rules sets.

A .zip download that allows users to make quick, simple comparisons of the new fuel models.

Contains LF FVS disturbance analysis outputs for fire, insect and disease, wind and mechanical disturbances.