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Download BpS Models and Descriptions

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LANDFIRE Biophysical Settings (BpS) products and format delivery include three options:

1. Compiled databases in the Lower 48 States and Hawaii OR Alaska extents using links in the table

Compiled BpS Databases
Description Databases (Access)Model Database (ST-Sim)
Lower 48 States and Hawaii Descriptionszipped fileMaster ST-Sim Model Databasezipped file
Alaska Descriptionszipped file

2. BpS model information within individual map zones (click on the map below), including:
3. Spatial data - learn more

Download National Products

Unsure of which model you need? Download the model search spreadsheet to help identify LANDFIRE models.

Model Notifications: Check the Model Notifications for model related updates and known issues.

BpS Group Models: In LANDFIRE 2008 (LF 1.1.0), the LANDFIRE Program created BpS Groups to reduce complexity for the user and streamline the Fire Regime layer production process. One or more original National c2001 (LFc2001) BpS models were collapsed into a single, representative model. All LF 2008 Fire Regime products used BpS Group information and mapping rules. The BpS Groups table depicts which models were grouped and identifies the appropriate representative model. LF 2008 is the only version where BpS Groups were used to develop the Fire Regime products.

Other Vegetation Dynamics Models: LANDFIRE models are built on the Rapid Assessment and Fire Regime Condition Class (FRCC) modeling efforts. LANDFIRE Rapid Assessment models can be requested at Information about FRCC models can be found in the FRCC Guidebook.


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