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Download LANDFIRE (LF) National LFRDB

Select your GeoArea of interest from the list below to download the LF National associated subset of the LF Reference Database.

Users of this database and the data included herein must understand and conform to the specific conditions and limitations.

Specific conditions and limitations:

    1. This database includes a subset of the full suite of field-referenced data that was used in the production of LF National deliverables. According to agreements between LF and its data contributors, certain proprietary or otherwise sensitive data have been removed to create this publicly available version of the database. Please consult the table lutVisitsSourceID in this database for more information about the datasets included in, and excluded from, this release. The data in this public version is the extent of information that you have permission to use. These data are being provided for the purposes that the web site describing this database was intended.
    2. These data are provided "as-is" and without express or implied warranties as to their completeness, accuracy, suitability, or current state thereof for any specific purpose. No agent of LF shall have liability or responsibility to data users or any other person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the dataset. These data and related graphics (such as ".gif" or ".jpg" file formats) are not legal documents and are not intended to be used as such. Users take full responsibility for their applications of these data.
    3. LF is not obligated to provide updates to the data herein, as they are and shall remain consistent with those used to develop the LF National products. However, the LF Program will, at its discretion, continue using these and other field-sampled data to update and improve future versions of LF products. Users of these data are requested to inform the LF Program of significant errors to assist with product maintenance activities. Please send your feedback to


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