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LANDFIRE 2015 Remap (LF 2015 - LF 2.0.0)

LANDFIRE (LF) 2015 Remap is a comprehensive vegetation and fuels mapping effort designed to produce new base maps of the LF product suite. Consistent methodologies and processes - including access to the most current satellite imagery, contemporary data sources and software and hardware technologies - will be combined with broadening program partnerships to create a product that improves upon the updated versions of legacy LF National. Learn more about the LF 2015 Remap.

The final scope for LF 2015 Remap is still TBD. Check back for further announcements and updates.

LF 2015 Remap Product categories:


LF 2015 Remap Schedule

Planning is currently underway and a project kick-off is tentatively scheduled for late CY 2016. Implementation is expected to start after the project kick-off and will take approximately three years to complete.

A LF 2015 Remap data call letter for plot data was issued October 2015. LF targeted January 2015 as the start date for data collection efforts for the upcoming remap. However, due to additional data advances with programs such as the USGS Land Change Monitoring, Assessment and Projection (LCMAP), LF scaled back the start date to take advantage of these types of data.

LF 2015 Remap will rely heavily on user contributed plot data for training sites in its mapping processes. All acceptable plot data will be converted and archived in the LF Reference Database (LFRDB) for evaluation and potential use in future mapping needs. Learn more about contributing plot data.

LF 2015 Schedule


LF 2015 Documentation

LF 2015 Remap Summary Description - was published in the fall of 2015 to provide the current overall strategy for LF Remap. The paper presented information in a question and answer format addressing questions users may likely have.