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LANDFIRE Remap (LF 2015 - LF 2.0.0)

LANDFIRE (LF) Remap is a comprehensive vegetation and fuels mapping effort designed to produce new LF product suite base maps. Consistent methodologies and processes include access to the most current satellite imagery, contemporary data sources and software and hardware technologies. This approach should provide significant improvements to all previous LF versions.

LF Remap relies heavily on user contributed plot data for training sites in its mapping processes. Inclusion of all acceptable plot data into the LF Reference Database (LFRDB) is underway. The original LF Remap data call letter for plot data was issued October 2015. To continue collecting the most recent data available another data call letter was issued in October 2017. Learn more about contributing plot data and data sources.

LF also works with advanced data programs such as the USGS Land Change Monitoring, Assessment and Projection (LCMAP). These types of programs may provide additional data and production efficiencies.

LF Remap Product categories:  Reference  •  Disturbance  •  Vegetation  •  Fuel  •  Fire Regimes  •  Topographic

LF Remap Schedule

As the prototyping in 2016 finished, planning completed and LF Remap production kicked-off in 2017. Similar to previous LF deliveries, products will be released by LF Geographic Areas (GeoAreas) with six for CONUS, and one each for Alaska, Hawaii, and the insular areas.

2015 GeoAreas

LF Expected Data Releases

DataGeoAreaTarget Release Dates
Fire RegimeCONUS6/2020
Fire Regime
AK 8/2020

Budget Constraints

LF experienced FY 2018 budget reductions. The Program is evaluating options which may include schedule delays, scope adjustments, and deliverable cuts. As of March 2018, no changes have been made to the current schedule. After the budget is finalized, additional information and changes will be provided.

What to Expect - LF Remap Changes

LF uses the latest data products and processing techniques to improve the LF Remap product suite. For example, lidar data is leveraged in map canopy structure (EVC and EVH). LF Remap EVC and EVH are continuous data products, a change from previously binned products. LF incorporates Landsat archives such as Landsat Collections. The EROS High Performance Computing resources are used to process hundreds of thousands of Landsat scenes. Integration of Landsat Essential Climate Variables, such as Dynamic Surface Water Extent and Burned Area, inform the disturbance and vegetation mapping processes. This results in a refinement of barren sparse areas and a more robust depiction of surface water extents.

The Existing Vegetation Type layer uses two classifications systems. One is the Ecological Systems which allows for the comparison of data over time and feeds into LANDFIRE fuel data production. This is consistent with previous product versions and uses information collected from calibration workshops. The second is National Vegetation Classification (NVC) Standard at the Group level hierarchy. NVC is a nationally approved standard. This new, independently produced layer will allow opportunities to evaluate the vegetation classification and mapped products .

History of Disturbance, a new layer, provides multiple years of disturbance for each pixel. This allows a historical representation of disturbance on the landscape and helps mappers better classify fuel data assignments.

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LF Remap Documentation

LF Remap Summary Description - published in 2015 describes a summary outline on LF Remap. Information is presented in a question and answer format to address questions users may have.


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