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Mean Fire Return Interval

The Mean Fire Return Interval (MFRI) layer quantifies the average period between fires under the presumed historical fire regime. MFRI is intended to describe one component of historical fire regime characteristics in the context of the broader historical time period represented by the LANDFIRE (LF) Biophysical Settings (BPS) layer and BPS Model documentation.

MFRI is derived from the vegetation and disturbance dynamics model VDDT (Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool) (LF 1.0.0 CONUS only used the vegetation and disturbance dynamics model LANDSUM). This layer is created by linking the BpS Group attribute in the BpS layer with the Refresh Model Tracker (RMT) data and assigning the MFRI attribute. This geospatial product should display a reasonable approximation of MFRI, as documented in the RMT.

MFRI is used in landscape assessments.

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