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LANDFIRE Reference Data

LANDFIRE would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who has contributed data. LANDFIRE collects data through both user submitted data contributions and by searching for data on websites and agency database systems.

LANDFIRE welcomes your data contributions throughout the year. The data submission deadline for the current data call has been changed to March 31, 2016. Submissions before March 31 will be evaluated for inclusion into the appropriate LANDFIRE update cycle. Submissions after March 31 will be considered in subsequent updates.

Due to data advances with the USGS Land Change Monitoring, Assessment and Projection effort (LCMAP), LANDFIRE has postponed the LF 2015 Remap project start date from January 2015 to late CY 2016. Therefore, the data call for vegetation/fuel plot data has been extended to March 31, 2016. There is still time to get your plot data in LANDFIRE so geospatial landscape data are as reflective of ground conditions as possible. LANDFIRE also needs polygon data from 2015/2016 for disturbance and treatment activities.

LANDFIRE needs your help to collect three types of data:

LANDFIRE Data Contribution Letters:

Additional Resources:

LANDFIRE Reference Data Requirements minimum information needed for each data type and additional attributes that are highly beneficial to improve data products.

LANDFIRE Data Draw Frequently Asked Questions related to contributing data

How Data Impacts LANDFIRE examples of how your data contributions impact LANDFIRE products

For data submission, questions, or you are aware of other data sources, contact:

Brenda Lundberg
LANDFIRE Reference Data Administrator