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**LANDFIRE Data Access Tool 2.5, or LFDAT, is compatible with ArcGIS 10.2 but not ArcGIS 10.3.x. Earlier LFDAT versions correspond with earlier ArcGIS versions. LANDFIRE is currently updating LFDAT for ArcGIS 10.3.1 compatibility and plans to release LFDAT 2.6 in late fall 2015. Watch for the LFDAT 2.6 release on or Twitter (@nature_LANDFIRE) later this fall.

LANDFIRE Data Access Tool

Data ToolThe LANDFIRE Data Access Tool (LFDAT) is an ArcGIS toolbar developed by the Rocky Mountain Research Station and distributed by the Wildland Fire Management RD&A Fuels and Fire Ecology Program. The tool allows users to interact with the LANDFIRE Data Distribution Site and download LANDFIRE data directly from ArcMap.

Users should be familiar with the operation of LANDFIRE Data Distribution Site prior to using this tool. In summary, the Data Distribution Site provides a web browser interface through which users can select LANDFIRE data layers for download, drag a box on a map to define an extent rectangle, and download the selected layers as zipped files in either ESRI ArcGRID or GeoTiff format. Depending on the size of the extent rectangle, the downloaded raster layers may be divided into multiple pieces that will need to be merged back together by the user after downloading.

LFDAT allows an ArcGIS user to drag a box in an ArcMap session to define a download area, select the desired LANDFIRE layers, and download data from the Data Distribution Site for the specified extent rectangle. All of the zip files should be downloaded to a single folder. Any number of LANDFIRE layers, including single-piece or multiple-piece downloads as well as different spatial extent rectangles, can be downloaded. Once the data of interest have been downloaded to a single folder, LFDAT's Smart Assembler can batch unzip the files, merge multiple-piece layers back into a single output layer if necessary, and re-attach fields to the output raster attribute tables. Output raster layers can be generated in ESRI ArcGRID, Erdas Imagine, or GeoTiff formats, and layers can be optionally reprojected during batch processing.

Four raster functions are included with the tool:

LFDAT uses a configuration database to store information needed for interacting with the LANDFIRE Data Distribution Site and for processing downloaded data. The LFDAT configuration database is updated regularly. Click on the About LANDFIRE Data Access Tool icon Tool periodically to check for the latest LFDAT database and version updates.